Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Achieving Putting Success in Golf When You Get Aligned

As CEO of Royal Buying Group, Inc., Robert “Bob” Juckniess is responsible for sustaining the vision and maintaining a successful mission for the organization. He was able to grow sales from literally nothing up to approximately $500 million over a 20-year time span. Bob Juckniess enjoys playing golf outside of work.

Sinking putts can be overwhelming at times. The most common reason they can be difficult is that where you aim is different than where you think you are aiming. Utilizing alignment rods can help you overcome this hurdle. Getting in line will allow you to sink putts with more ease and success. To practice, find a straight putt and place your alignment stick so that it is parallel to the right side of the line of your target. An important tip is to remember is that your putter should be perpendicular to your stick. As you stroke, your putter swings should be toward the inner section of the face square.